The Dark Kings of Iliandore

An Informal Gathering

A Toast to Heros

In the cool of the day you receive a knock on your door. Upon opening it you see a human of standard height and build holding an envelope sealed with a seal you do not recognize. Naturally you assume this human has mistakenly tried to deliver this envelope to the wrong individual, you. He is insistant that you are to be the recipient.

You carefully take the envelope from the messanger and dismissing him, open it. The message reads:

My dear friends. Please join me Lord Maghareth tonight at the Twin Cistern Inn at approximately 7pm for an evening you will truly never forget. Please leave your weapons behind as I desire no ill will for you. You will find that I will be most accommidating and have prepared a fantastic feast for you.

Lord Maghareth


Ardirus Ardirus

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